University of Bolton: Coronial Law Course11/03/2021

The University of Bolton is once again running a short course on coronial law, commencing 25th March.  Attendance will be by Zoom throughout.

This is not a course meant for coroners, rather it is aimed at coroner’s officers or others who work with the coronial system such as NHS managers, paramedic staff or even medical examiners. It would also be a good introduction to lawyers considering a judicial career as a coroner.  Perhaps coroners would consider forwarding a copy of the brochure to those that they deal with who might benefit?  The lectures, seminars and mock inquest are all led by experienced coroners.

Participants can select which lectures they want to attend and only pay accordingly, details are available by clicking on the link on the final page of the attached brochure.

Brochure Download: 108486 - coronial law lecture series brochure 2021

The Coroners' Society are not involved in the delivery of this course - and all inquiries should be made to the University of Bolton.