Short Course on Coronial Law31/01/2023

The University of Bolton

Short Course on Coronial Law

The Centre for Contemporary Coronial Law at the University of Bolton is pleased to announce that this very successful course is to be repeated commencing Thursday 16th February 2023.

This course prepares participants for work connected to or within the coronial service – it covers theoretical and practical knowledge of how the law is applied, including training in the process of coronial law and its practical application to individual scenarios.

Delivered by experienced practitioners, the course has a practical focus that will, amongst other things, prepare participants for appearing in or attending coronial courts and dealing with inquest cases.

Society members will appreciate that this is a course about coroners rather than specifically for coroners – except perhaps the very newly appointed.  Nonetheless, coroners may be aware of some who might benefit such as those who are looking to apply for posts, coroners officers or others involved with the inquest process such as coronial liaison at hospitals.

All sessions are via MS Teams from 1800 to 2030.  The cost per session is £50 or £300 for the complete series.  Places can be booked through the University of Bolton website or through the direct link here.

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Course Sessions

16th February 2023
Lecture 1 – Coroners

2nd March 2023
Lecture 2 – Investigations

16th March 2023
Seminar/Case Studies

23rd March 2023
Lecture 3 – Inquests (Part I)

20th April 2023
Lecture 4 – Inquests (Part II) 

4th May 2023
Lecture 5 – Article 2

18th May 2023
Mock Inquest and Course Conclusion


Contact details:

For more information please contact Dr Alicia Danielsson

Email: [email protected]