National Bereavement Partnership - COVID-19 Hub23/04/2020

Positioning Statement


The National Bereavement Partnership - COVID-19 Hub, exists to provide a platform for associated practical advice services, support assistance and where needed, counselling to all those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This will be accomplished through all appropriate mediums including, but not limited to, online, telephone, chat rooms, social media, broadcasting and printed materials. Our aim is to prevent and alleviate the mental impact and distress suffered by those affected by the disease, directly or indirectly.

We will support all those who contact us through their journey and assist with issues associated with bereavement caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, working closely with the NHS Trusts and other relevant organisations.

Volunteers with the appropriate skill sets to do this have been recruited to cover the following areas:  

  1. The Bereaved (COVID-19 relatives)
  2. The Bereaved (Non COVID-19) – those who are impacted on by not being allowed to visit the sick; be at a loved ones side at the time of death; unable to view a body after death; family members who are not permitted to attend funerals and many other associated issues.
  3. Health Professionals - for whom the reality of exponential increases in the numbers of those dying and for whom there is little they can do, is dawning. This is in stark contrast to their daily striving to heal the sick. The extreme toll that this will take cannot be overstated. Experience suggests the impact will be prolific including a fear for themselves, their families and their colleagues
  4. Residential care setting, supported living and home care, including the staff
  5. Residential educational care settings
  6. Community staff
  7. Children for whom this is proving to be a bewildering and traumatic time

Freephone helpline number : 0800 448 0800. In operation every day, 7am – 10pm.


         Details of the Virgin Giving Donate campaign page can be viewed here