CSEW preliminary response to the Justice Committee report on the Coroners Servic27/05/2021

The Coroners’ Society of England and Wales is the judicial association for coroners. The Society works closely with the Chief Coroner as the judicial lead for coroners and with the Ministry of Justice who hold the executive portfolio for coroner policy on behalf of Government.

The Coroners’ Society are grateful to the Justice Committee of the House of Commons for their time, consideration and this very valuable first report on the Coroners Service. The Society will reflect and learn from the matters highlighted with regard to the experience of the Coroners Service with regard to our individual personal development and skills. The Society will work with our relevant authorities and other public sector organisations to ensure that the service meets the needs of bereaved persons and the public we serve.

The Society will work under the leadership of the Chief Coroner to address those matters within its control.

The report makes wide-ranging recommendations on matters of coroner policy. As judges, we note these matters on policy are addressed to government, who will respond to the report before the 27th July 2021. There are likely to be substantial resource and financial implications underpinning those recommendations, though options are not necessarily all or nothing. The Society is open to use whatever law and infrastructure executive government provide to us.

André Rebello – Hon Secretary – CSEW

27th May 2021