Joint Assistant Coroner Vacancy for Northumberland and Newcastle Coroner Areas18/06/2021 23:59

Morpeth and Newcastle-upon -Tyne

Assistant Coroner for North and South Northumberland

Salary – fee paid, £459.00 per day. [in line with the JNC Coroners Circular 63]

Closing date: (14 June 2021) -EXTENDED TO 18 JUNE 2021


Assistant Coroner for the City of Newcastle upon Tyne and North Tyneside

Salary – fee paid, £472.00 per day. [in line with the JNC Coroners Circular 63]

Closing date: (14 June 2021) -EXTENDED TO 18 JUNE 2021


This is a joint recruitment between Northumberland County Council, Newcastle City Council  and North Tyneside Council who are seeking to appoint four new Assistant Coroners to support the Senior Coroner in North and South Northumberland and the Senior Coroner in the City of Newcastle and North Tyneside across the full range of coroner duties in order to deliver a high-quality coroner service to the people of Northumberland, Newcastle upon Tyne and North Tyneside.

This will be a cross jurisdictional appointment.

About the post:

Northumberland County Council, Newcastle City Council and North Tyneside Council are looking for exceptional candidates with excellent proven organisational, management and efficiency skills, as well as experience of exercising sound judgement and communicating effectively. You will work closely with the Senior Coroner for Northumberland County Council and the Senior Coroner for Newcastle City Council and North Tyneside Council to ensure value for money, performance and financial efficiencies.

You will be required to demonstrate knowledge and experience of Coronial law and of basic medicine, have proven skills in conducting investigations and an understanding of court procedure. You will also need to demonstrate the excellent communication and interpersonal skills necessary to deal with sensitive situations. 

The successful candidates will be required to carry out the duties and responsibilities of a coroner as defined in the Coroners and Justice Act 2009 and associated rules and regulations and as further described in various guidance issued by the Chief Coroner.

These are fee paid positions although they are likely to involve a regular commitment, which is to be agreed between the Assistant Coroner, Senior Coroner and the Local Authority. You will be expected on occasion to be available to assist on an out of hours rota system [or as applicable].  

It is a Coroner’s personal responsibility (and not that of his/her clerk/secretary) to ensure that they sit when possible.  The Chief Coroner and the Lord Chancellor would expect an Assistant Coroner to offer a minimum of 20 sitting days each financial year (in line with the Chief Coroner’s Model Coroner Area 2nd Edition July 2020. However, it is recognised that there is a variance of workload in each area.

Who can apply:

The successful candidate will be a barrister or a solicitor or Fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives and satisfy the judicial-appointment eligibility condition which means they will have 5 years of experience whilst holding that qualification. They will be under the age of 70 and be subject to the appointment and eligibility conditions within the Coroners and Justice Act 2009 (s.23 and Schedule 3).

Statutory terms of the appointment:

Once a Coroner is appointed they are then a Judicial Office holder until they reach the age of 70 years (compulsory retirement age) unless they choose to resign or are removed by the Lord Chief Justice or Lord Chancellor prior to their 70th birthday. 

How to apply:

Application Pack Download

If you wish to have an informal discussion or arrange a visit, for Northumberland please contact Senior Coroner’s Officer Linda Dean on 01670 623 135.  For the City of Newcastle and North Tyneside please contact Lorraine Stark on 0191 211 2631.

Suitably qualified applicants are requested to email their CV, supporting statement and declaration form to: Jane Tait, Personal Assistant to Andrew Hetherington HM Senior Coroner for North Northumberland and Acting Senior Coroner for South Northumberland who will act as single point of contact for Newcastle and North Tyneside and Northumberland on the following email address:

[email protected]


The vacancy for this post has been notified to the Chief Coroner and Lord Chancellor (as required by statute).

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