The Ministry of Justice publish annual coroners' statistics. This includes a toolkit to analyse the data for any two areas or regions.

If the research is with regard to a specific cause of death then a source of information may well be the Office of National Statistics (Registrar General) who receives details of all deaths and whose staff codify the causes of death to accord to the WHO classification. They are able to give details of individual cases registered with them to bona fide researchers. 

The Coroners’ Society of England and Wales is unable to require any individual coroner to assist or co-operate in any research project. Indeed, most coroners receive many applications from bona fide researchers and with the limited resources available it is not always practically feasible for them to assist with each. Coroners may not charge for such research and they may indeed have to spend their time and pay staff in order to perform research. Coroners may, however, charge for copy documents supplied and should anyone seek assistance from coroners then they should not be surprised if the coroner concerned seeks to receive the appropriate statutory fee from time to time. 

Many coroners’ districts do not have their records on computer and so a manual search would need to be conducted and so it would assist coroners if they can be provided with full names and dates of death to enable information to be retrieved from manual records. 

Once the names have been obtained from the Office of National Statistics individual coroners could then be approached. A comprehensive list of coroners may be obtained through the Ministry of Justice (