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This Website Usage Policy applies to all Members of the Coroner’s Society of England and Wales along with Corresponding members, other associated partnerships and government departments offered access to the Website.

Users of this website are permitted access on the basis that their use of material and any postings made by them are consistent with the "Objects of the Coroners' Society of England and Wales"

The Internet and email is to be used in a manner that is consistent with the high standards expected of a Coroner holding a judicial office. Therefore, the Society insist that you conduct yourself honestly and appropriately on the Internet and when receiving and sending emails, and respect the copyrights, software licensing rules, property rights, privacy and prerogatives of others, just as you would in any judicial or professional dealings.

The copyright of the Society and others in documents published on the site must be respected.

The views and comments posted on the Website are not necessarily the views of the Coroners’ Society.

The Coroners’ Society does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for items or articles that are posted by members or others with access to the site.

You should be aware that should you post any item on the site the posting will be attributed to you.

Users Must:

  • Be responsible for your own Username and Passwords and safeguard them from unauthorised use and keep them confidential. Usernames and passwords must be memorised or stored in a secure location.
  • Always remember that the normal professional values of confidentiality, politeness and accuracy apply to using the Internet and e-mail.
  • Exercise great care and caution before opening unsolicited or suspicious E-mails and where necessary ensure they are virus checked beforehand.

Users Must not:

  • Attempt to publish on the Website any material that contains obscene, pornographic, hateful or otherwise objectionable content.
  • Use the Website to propagate any virus type software or any other program code, which has a mischievous or malicious intent.
  • Quote or use material from the members’ section of the Website without the express permission of the person lodging it and then only with attribution to the originator, not the Society or its Website
  • Use the Website for promotion of for personal commercial activity (this includes the promotion of books and publications) without the express permission of the Council, which may delegate this responsibility to a subcommittee or a secretary.
  • Circulate spam or chain emails. Messages like this often suggest you forward the email to several colleagues.

All Website users must follow this Policy. If you do not comply with this Policy, this may result in termination of your access to the Website. The Society also retains the right to report any illegal violations to the appropriate authorities.

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